VOID accepts research, thinking, and questioning as the sine qua non of its formation and aims to conceptualize and produce projects in the light of Technology, Science, and Philosophy.
Immersive Experience
Year: 2021
Location: Atelier des Lumières,Paris
Country: , Paris, FR
Immersive Experience
Year: 2019
Location: Atelier Des Lumeieres
Country: , Paris, FR
Immersive Experience, A/V Performance
Year: 2017
Location: Ars Electronica
Country: , Linz, Austria
Public Art, A/V Performance
Year: 2019
Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall
Country: , Los Angeles, USA
WDCH Dreams
Visual Art, Installation
Year: 2020
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Country: , Seoul, South Korea
FullDome, A/V Performance
Year: 2015
Location: Currents New Media Festival
Country: , New Mexico, USA
A/V Performance
Year: 2016
Location: Parliament in Bucharest
Country: , Bucharest, Romania
Led Video Installation
Year: 2022
Location: OEA, China
Country: , Beijing, China
Ocean Engine Awards
Public Art
Year: 2018
Location: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Country: , Charlotte, USA
Interconnected CLT
Public Art
Year: 2015
Location: 350 Mission, US
Country: , San Francisco, US
Virtual Depictions
Public Art, Installation
Year: 2017
Location: Boston, US
Country: , Boston, US
Wind of Boston Data Painting
LED Video Installation
Year: 2015
Location: Antalya, TR
Country: , Antalya, TR
Story Of Storytelling
Studio Artwork, Digital Art
Year: 2019
Bio Strands