Seoul, South Korea
Type: Visual Art, Installation
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Date: January, 2020
Humans are social as well as cognitive beings; they create worlds by interacting with one another, with objects, and with systems. This phenomenon called ‘sympoiesis’ or worlding-together.
By adopting an existential humanist perspective; we -as humans- questioned the purpose of our existence for centuries and pondered questions regarding our essential nature, which until recently considered as the pinnacle of evolution.
So, what does it mean to be human in the 21st century? Where do our boundaries begin and end? What defines us as a species at the substance?
Today, following the global engagement combined with advanced technology, the twenty-first century set in motion a phase of re-vision and re-definition of the concept of being human while the world is witnessing a species-wise blurring of boundaries that triggered a paradigm shift in the perception of the human body along with all its extrinsic and intrinsic representations. Familiar faces have become pixels on a screen whilst communication started to transform.This era is founded on technology, rapidly shifted every aspect of institutional and social life to a virtual platform driving us to a humanmachine merged reality which pushed us towards the phase of transhumanity.
Taken into consideration that the path that leads to “post-human” goes through transhumanity and shapes around alteration, enhancement, and transcendence of human condition, we ask ourselves; what should be our focus as we design and implement human-machine symbiosis in the purpose of reaching to the next step for mankind?
We believe, what we need to solve is not only our bodies’ subjectivity to the vastness and weariness of time but also our egos, enmities, and ambitions that prevent us from filling the existing world with peace, sustainability, and prosperity. If transhumanism is to carry us to post-human, the post-human idea should circle around a consciousness capable of making a peaceful co-existence prevail across the universe, rather than an evolved super species who shall constraint the world further; especially after setting itself free of the limitations of the human body.
We envision a future where the improved and empowered definition of being human embodies the notion of achieving a co-sustainable relationship with its surroundings and all the other species in order to peacefully survive. We envision a self-organizing but collectively producing, boundariless universe where mobility and interaction are redefined. We desire transhumanity to take the path of revolution instead of evolution.
And above all; we believe in the necessity of being active participants for shaping the future we want. In the process, we call upon the world to abandon completely our nature that brings us instability and chaos.
Relating to this vision, the work will transform the DDP Building’s neo-futuristic features into an artificial reality, by merging the organic and the cybernetic elements in one mutual form. By altering this masterpiece into a sympoietic cyber-organism that will be host to our minds; the project aims to practise this future vision through the architectural body, light & sound, and reshape the building as a beacon that shall become a symbol towards a better future.
02' 11''
Design & Direction
Concept Development
Selay Karasu
Direction & Animation
Yusuf Emre Kucur, Bahadır Dağdelen
Cüneyt Korkut Keleşoğlu
Sound Design