Boston, US
Type: Public Art, Installation
Location: Boston, US
Date: January, 2017
We collaborated with Refik Anadol Studio in “Virtual Depictions: San Francisco” project with our Fluid Structure, Strands and Particles piece.
Public art commission for 350 Mission Building in City of San Francisco, California.
‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is a public art project by media artist Refik Anadol consist of series of parametric data sculptures that tell the story of the city and people around us within a unique artistic approach for 350 Mission’s media wall in collaboration with Kilroy Realty Corporation / John Kilroy and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Architects.
The main idea of ‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is to bring 21st century approach to public art to define new poetics of space through media arts and architecture and to create a unique parametric data sculptures that has an intelligence, memory and culture. Through architectural transformations of media wall located in 350 Mission’ lobby, home of Salesforce, main motivation with this seminal media architecture approach is to frame this experience with a meticulously abstract and cinematic site-specific data-driven narration. As a result, this media wall turns into a spectacular public event making direct and phantasmagorical connections to its surroundings through simultaneous juxtapositions. The project also intends to contribute to contemporary discourse of public art by proposing a hybrid blend of media arts and architecture in 21st century.
When creating this public artwork my goal was to make the invisible visible by embedding media arts into architecture to create a new way to experience a living urban space.
Refik Anadol Studio
Refik Anadol, Nick Boss, Rob Tom Browning, Kian Khiaban, Toby Heinemann, Kian Khiaban, Raman K. Mustafa
Bahadir Dagdelen, Yusuf Emre Kucur
Sound Design
Kerim Karaoglu
Commissioned By
The Fallon Company, Joseph F. Fallon, Richard Martini
Art Consultants
Julie White Ratner, Joanne Brody Spielman
Project Management
DG Hunt & Associates, LLC
Technical Application
Phil Fortune, Mitch Rabil, Mike Finnerty, Brian McKeon
Hardware Provider
Custom 6’X13′ LED Media Wall
Wind of Boston Data Painting
Wind of Boston Data Painting
Wind of Boston Data Painting